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21 Sessions Challenge Condensed Version

Module 1: Awareness

For those with limited time who wish to get their minds into a better place, bring back joy, confidence, and happiness into life. This course provides all essential themes and practices which will enable you to achieve awareness. Can be done over 21 days, or a longer time frame if needed. Each session contains audio talk, PDF summary and an audio meditation. All the tools you need, in a condensed format, to bring this essential foundation to mental wellbeing into your mind & life.

Welcome to the first of a series of condensed 21 session challenges: Developing Awareness


  1. What do these challenges involve?

There will be 21 sessions of audio presentations; a short talk a guided meditation & a PDF accompaniment. Along with & following these within each session there will suggested challenges for you to follow during the day.

Full immersion into this challenge is ideal and would involve following the audios and completing the other parts of the challenge suggested each session. Time wise this would be approx. 10 minutes of introductory audio plus another 10 of meditation practice, once or twice during the day.

Laid back immersion; those with limited time can complete the challenge through simply following the audio each day.

 2. What is the aim of this particular 21 day challenge?

This first developing awareness challenge is designed to bring the joyful art of meditation into your life. Whether a new meditator or someone having experience, these 21 days will give you a comprehensive springboard into meditation practice. You will learn the basic meditation techniques, how to develop them, the mental capacities required, the obstacles to meditation practice and how to overcome them.

Following this challenge will give you all the tools you need to not just start meditating but to grow and develop your practice something you can truly take with you throughout life.

Ideal for yoga teachers wishing to bring genuine meditation into their sessions.

  3. 21 Sessions Road Map     Awareness

Session 1:       Why work with the mind and how to begin to do this?

  • How to start meditating. Basic principles and learning the first technique

Session 2:      How to begin to develop our meditation.  

  • What factors will help with this and how to build up the mental muscles we need.

Session 3:    Dealing with our thoughts

  • How to begin to lessen the control thoughts have over us and learn to let them go.

Session 4:    Working with the obstacles which harm our meditation practice.

  • Learning what the obstacles to focused effective meditation are.

  • Cultivating practices which allow us to deal with these obstacles

Session 5:    Developing awareness both within and outside formal meditation

  • How to bring awareness more into our life

  • What daily habits enable this awareness

  • Learning a technique to bring us more quickly into deeper meditation

Session 6:    Learning how to be choicelessly aware

  • How to be simply aware rather than reactive to both external events and internal emotions

  • To genuinely be able to be free from obsessive thinking

Session 7:   What is mind, awareness or consciousness and how does it function?

  • Studying both the nature and functions of our mind

  • Why this is relevant to our meditation and our mental wellbeing

Session 8:   Learning other aspects of our mind and how they relate to our wellbeing

  • How does our mind work and what is the relevance of this to our life and wellbeing.

  • How our mind either creates our suffering or our happiness

Session 9:   Opening our meditation into the world

  • How to allow our meditation practice to be connected to the world.

  • Practically letting go of the disconnection or isolation within meditation

Session 10:   Using the mind itself as our meditation object

  • Taking a new profound object to focus on within meditation

  • Connecting with the healthy level of our mind within and then outside meditation

Session 11:   Deepening the mind as a meditation object

  • Seeing how our mind is more than simply thoughts, feelings and emotions.

  • Using the thoughts to come home to our awareness

Session 12:   Further cultivating awareness of our mind

  • How to reach and connect with this more subtle level of our mind

Session 13: Extending our practice in length and quality

  • How our meditation practice leads to a healthy and joyful life

  • How to gradually lengthen and deepen our practice

Session 14: Creating the mind body connection

  • Dealing with the all too common disconnect between mind and body

  • Using the mind to influence and heal the body

  • Learning to observe rather than react to body sensations

Session 15:   Enhancing body awareness

  • What benefits does awareness bring to our life?

  • How this can be achieved through both mind and body connection

Session 16:   Working with the obstacles to meditation practice 1; laziness

  • What is laziness and what are the different types

  • How to begin to work with this in our own minds

  • What are the antidotes to laziness

Session 17:   How to generate the essential emotion of gratitude

  • What is gratitude and why is it so useful

  • How to develop and bring this attitude into our lives

  • How gratitude counteracts laziness

Session 18:   Extending gratitude into meaning & purpose

  • How appreciation and gratitude allow us to see the meaning & purpose of our lives

  • How this appreciation lifts our minds and brings joy into our lives

  • What are the levels and types of meaning & purpose

Session 19:   Adding awareness of our own mortality to our gratitude reflection

  • Why is the recollection of our own mortality such an important subject to reflect on

  • How this recollection brings us back into our lives and into the moment with renewed enthusiasm and joy

Session 20:   Other obstacles to our meditation practice

  • What are the other obstacles to concentration

  • How to cultivate the antidotes to these obstacles

Session 21:   How to keep up this beautiful practice throughout of lives

  • What is an ideal daily program to keep working with our minds?

  • What habits and ways of living help us to stay in this healthy state?

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