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We all have our unique journeys and programs designed for you are the ideal way to approach your individual journey to mental health. Together we can work out your specific issues and create a path to that inner joy. Each session comprises discussion, instruction and meditation. There will be audio and written material to take away and practise oneself as well as always unlimited support from Tenzin.

Holding Hands
Group Therapy


Group practise is a wonderful way to create a peaceful, calm mind and leads to a much healthier group dynamic. Sharing this journey with others means we can support each other through the journey. This is ideal for corporate sessions or any other group identities that wish to follow this path to mental well-being. Each session comprises; discussion, instruction, question & answer and is accompanied with audio and written material for all to take away and continue.


Having been working in cancer clinics for a number of years now I have developed a program particularly suited to this essential area. Getting ones mind filled with meaning and purpose and freeing the mind from anxiety, stress, fear and worry is a vital part of recovery. Many oncologists state that it is in fact the most important aspect of the ability to heal. I will bring your mental state into a place of healing making the mental aspect to your journey a focal point. This arises based on an openness of heart full of love and compassion. Preceding this working to let go of those harmful emotions that are destroying the opportunity to heal. As a basis to all this establishing a deep sense of inner awareness as a foundation to this mental practise.
Practically this will involve weekly online sessions, backed up with video, audio and written materials and unlimited support.

Supportive Friend
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