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I had the great fortune of meeting Tenzin this early winter while I was doing a long water fast at a healing retreat center in Phuket, Thailand. Tenzin was one of the highlights of that cleansing journey as he re-installed the desire to spend longer times each day meditating. And he adjusted my well ingrained technique of meditating and gifted me with another facet to heighten my awareness while I sat. I highly recommend his insights which he  gained from many years spent with the Dalai Lama. If you are serious about your path to more illuminated consciousness, especially during these powerful times we are all immersed in as a global community, then don’t miss the opportunity to spend some quality time with Tenzin. It will be well worth your investment of time and economics-Judah Lyons

Judah Lyons

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“ Tenzin Josh is a very warm, compassionate and loving teacher. I met him November 2019, and he started coaching me on how to meditate and chant as per the Buddhist practice. He held my hand when I was undergoing cancer treatment and was a fearful and doubtful. I was afraid as I saw people with cancer dying around me. He instilled in me the need to surrender to god and pray, chant, meditate daily for at least 1/2 hour and bring that upto 2 hours. Slowly with his help and guidance, I was able to do it and felt the change in me. As I continued with my spiritual practice, I felt calm and peaceful, and felt my inner being getting stronger day by day. Now I feel blessed by the divine spiritual energies and feel I am healed. I will forever be grateful to Tenzin for being there for me and guiding me with so much love and empathy. God bless him and hope he can reach out to the maximum number of people.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



This March i was in Phuket to do a 21 day waterfast to help me heal my body.  The moment I walked in, I already felt such a calming energy.  I am very grateful that this fast was supported by daily meditations and wisdom from Tenzin. This made a long lasting difference on me, with a big impact. Cleaning your body is one thing, but ‘cleaning’ the mind, I discovered is the most important thing to do. What i learned from Tenzin stuck with me and changed me. Like to ‘eat everything that comes at my plate’ and to not have a double arrow experience. His loving energy and wisdom helped me to face challenges. Now back at home i face even more challenges, but i know meditation is crucial. 
I can highly recommend Tenzin’s meditations, coaching and workshop to everybody. Whether you are in poor physical condition, not happy with your job or relationship or just want to get the best out of you, he can support you and help you transform. I’m deeply grateful for spending this precious time with him. Thank you!

Charlotte Lighart


My husband, daughter and I ended up in Phuket from January - March 2020 and spent 8 weeks at a detox clinic. We made a friend along the way,Tenzin. I had weekly sessions with Tenzin and they were very beneficial for my holistic treatment within the range of treatments I was having through my cancer journey. I am a 34 year old, mum to a gorgeous toddler and a wife. My diagnosed with cancer was emotionally and physically tough for me and my family. My family and I got to know Tenzin personally during our 8 week stay. He has great understanding for the struggles people face and he has the empathy needed! The mediation was how I started my day and how I ended my day. I used numerous meditations from Tenzin which helped me managing various treatments and therapies, keeping me calm and strong.which helped me managing various treatments and therapies, keeping me calm and strong. I would highly recommend Tenzin for anyone’s healing journey and thank him for being apart of mine.

Nerine Carpenter

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Tenzin Josh has guided my meditations for some time now and his teachings have transformed the way I see my life and purpose and my place in the world. I'm much calmer and more centred now and I'm able to recognise my previous anxieties as simply the natural delusions of my unexplored mind. I can recommend Josh's clear explanations of how a calm and accepting mind is able to examine itself and how ultimately, we can transform our thinking so that we appreciate and accept ourselves and others. Knowing Josh has been life-changing for me and his explanations of quite difficult Buddhist thought, coming from many years of learning from the Dalai Lama in India, have really opened up my thinking. I had never considered before how much power the mind has over the body and how it can help in healing. I can recommend him wholeheartedly

Stephen Usher

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